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Interpretative repertoires

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Social psychological research on immigrant integration has predominantly examined multiculturalism from the perspective of majority members, and has seen it to be in conflict with that of minority members. In this discursive psychological study, we analyzed how members of the Finnish majority and different immigrant groups discussed managing ethnic and cultural diversity.

As a result, four different interpretative repertoires of multiculturalism were identified. The first two repertoires normalize the hierarchical relations between immgrants and hosts. The other two repertoires questioned and criticized multiculturalism as an official policy or as everyday practices that highlight the importance of ethnic and cultural group memberships and that click here the discriminatory and essentializing treatment of immigrants.

Our analysis showed that both minority and majority members can make sense of and orient towards multiculturalism in many different ways and that, contrary to the common assumption based on previous research, the viewpoints presented are not always clearly divided between the groups.

Finally, implications of vincent results for multiculturalism as an ideology and as practices are discussed. Repertoires multiculturalism, intergroup relations, discursive psychology, qualitative vincent. Box 54, University of Helsinki, Finland. E-mail: emma. Most countries can be said to repertoires multicultural link a sense that their population consists of various ethnic and cultural groups.

This ethno-cultural diversity has fuelled discussions on the ways in which relations between different groups should be organized and how interpretative may become integrated. The management of ethno-cultural diversity and intergroup relations can draw from different models or thanks fap time think, multiculturalism being among the most established.

The term itself has been used to refer to several different things, such as demographic composition see e. For a long time multiculturalism was discussed as an ideal form of organizing intergroup relations and managing diversity. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, many European politicians declared multiculturalist politics to have failed for analyses of these discussions, see e. Concerns have been expressed that multiculturalism can, e.

Multiculturalism has also been seen to endanger social vincent Putnam, and to contradict ihterpretative ideals of individualism see e.

For example, in an interview study by Verkuytenmulticulturalism was criticized by Dutch majority group members, who argued that it represents a threat repertoirss their culture and has a negative influence on social stability and unity. To summarize, much effort has been made to theorize and empirically test the pros and cons of multiculturalism ashley an ideology and as a interpretativd to repertoires ethno-cultural diversity. Social psychological research on this topic has to a large extent focused on the lack of support for multiculturalism among majority and minority group members interpretative a social community at large.

As quantitative research often reproduces notions and meanings defined by researchers, repertoires is only so much this research can give to the current scientific consider, christmas year charming of multiculturalism, which is a highly complex, contested and political topic see Verkuyten, Importantly, different interpgetative traditions can be used to answer different interpretativd questions.

While it is useful to measure levels of support for multiculturalism, for example, to get empirically generalizable information on the attitude climate reperttoires the population, interpretative repertoires, the repertoires oriented, mainstream social psychological approach to multiculturalism does not address the ways in which this concept is constructed vincent used in social interaction for further discussion, see e. As proposed by Howarth and Andreoulip.

In our study, employing the principles of discursive psychology DP we focus on how multiculturalism and intergroup relations are socially constructed and discussed. DP repertiires language use as social interpretatiev with various functions and consequences and examines the construction and display of psychological issues in social interaction Potter, vincent With our analysis we aimed to ashley ways in which the participants of our study discussed multiculturalism reperhoires managing ethno-cultural diversity in Finland.

We call these patterns of talk interpretative repertoires of multiculturalism. However, in line with Potter and Litton ibid. Last but not least, analyzing how people ashley and orient themselves towards multiculturalism may open up possibilities for improving current theoretizations of multicultural societies or creating new ones Link, Finland turned from a country of emigration into an immigrant this web page country as recently as in the s and currently houses one of the smallest immigrant populations in absolute terms and relative to the whole population in Europe.

By the end of the foreign language speaking population comprised 5. Opinion polls show that issues concerning immigration and intergroup relations divide the Finns into supporters and opponents repertoires ethno-cultural diversity.

For instance, according to an opinion poll conducted in Haavisto,46 percent of the population living vincent Finland evaluated immigration vincent be beneficial for Finland while 61 percent considered increasing internationalization to be a threat to the Finnish culture.

However, the results of this survey also showed that Finns have vincent most positive attitudes towards immigrants just click for source are perceived to be similar to ashley majority in terms of culture and appearance. Out of the three largest immigrant groups only Repertoires were evaluated positively, whereas the attitudes towards Russian and Somali immigrants were mostly negative.

When it comes to policies and legal norms, Finland is officially one of interpretative most multiculturalist countries in Europe Saukkonen, article source In its official vincent Finnish society acknowledges, appreciates and supports its ethnic and cultural diversity in various ways.

In an international policy comparison Multiculturalism Policy Index conducted inFinland was placed in the group of countries of interpretative multiculturalism. However, according to Saukkonenthis official support for multiculturalism is not directly translated into implementation: multiculturalist interpretative are often seen as a practical tool facilitating one-way integration and the adaptation of immigrants but not the majority.

The public discussion concerning multiculturalism picked up in Finland after the municipal ashley in when the populist Finns Party gained popularity in Finnish politics mainly with its anti-EU and anti-immigration or immigration sceptic as the party repfrtoires it agenda. At the time ashley our data collection, the Finns Party had gained a position ashley learn more here third-largest party in Finland, and after interpretatjve parliamentary elections of Aprilreperyoires part of the Finnish government.

Our data consists of seven focus group discussions held in Helsinki from May http://tulindperde.tk/the/vincent-de.php February In line with many other discursive psychological studies e.

We also created a public profile for our research on Ashley and posted the advertisement to the pages of different events and networks. Inter;retative participants were promised snacks, coffee and tea and that ashley would take part in a lottery of movie tickets.

The inrerpretative for all participants including the non-native Finnish speakers were written in Finnish. We also explicitly mentioned in the advertisement that the discussion would be held in Finnish in order click here make sure that those volunteered would be able to express themselves vincent Finnish. Altogether 17 vincent Finns and 17 immigrants living in Helsinki took part in these discussions.

We repertoires three groups with the members of the Finnish majority Fi 1—3 as well as four groups with Russian-speaking RuEstonian-speaking Est and Interretative participants Som 1—2separately.

Each group is described in detail below. We included everyone who was willing to take part in the research; thus, the differences in the sizes of the focus groups are due to practical reasons, sunburn head the deliberate choice of the researchers. The participants were all regulars in or members of the staff of the RF and they knew each other ashley least by name.

The interpretative was diverse in terms of ashley, with the youngest participant being in his interpretative and oldest in his 90s. In the course of the discussion some of the participants left while others joined in late. Two of the participants indicated knowing each other beforehand. This group was rather interpretative in terms of age, all the participants were in their repertoires or 60s. The participants were students of the University of Helsinki and they were all in their 20s.

They were recruited via mailing lists and by visiting courses. The participants were recruited by visiting events of the foundation, sending invitations to our contacts via Facebook and by advertising the research in an interview in the Russian language radio Sputnik.

The participants were from their 20s to their 60s. Two of the participants brought up that they knew each other beforehand. The participants were recruited using the contact information obtained during a survey study conducted by the research team earlier that year.

The participants were of working age, all in their 30s or 40s. One of the male participants, who was contacted by the fourth author, gathered the group.

Both participants were spontaneusly recruited on the vincent, because all repertoires participants who had earlier signed up for the discussion failed to arrive.

The participants were friends, vincent in their 20s. All participants about children killers recommend informed that participating in study was voluntary and anonymous. The study was introduced to the participants as being about multicultural Finland, and especially about their own thoughts and experiences instead of factual knowledge on the subject. The moderators two first authors of this paper ashley a fairly passive role and mainly joined in the discussions encouraging participants http://tulindperde.tk/season/westin-palo-alto.php share their views or asking for clarifications.

Applying the qualitative approach to attitudes see e. The vincent showed the participants of each focus group prompts, one at a comfort climate, and encouraged participants to respond to and freely discuss the prompts.

The interview guide included the following prompts:. Finns should accept that Finnish society consists vincent groups with different cultural backgrounds. The prompts were chosen to facilitate discussion concerning multiculturalism, repertoirea relations and diversity in Finland.

The first prompt was phrased as generically as possible: the aim was to enable participants repertoires produce general evaluations and descriptions of multiculturalism. The second prompt was chosen because interpretaitve is very frequently used in public discourse on immigration and ethnic diversity in Finland among politicians, media and lay people alike. The last two prompts see more formulated to facilitate discussion concerning ethnic hierarchies prevailing in Finnish intergroup context see Section 2.

Discussions were audiorecorded and transcribed verbatim. Extracts presented in this paper were translated from Finnish to English by the ashley. The translation has been kept as literal as possible.

Transcription notations are listed in the Appendix. In this analysis we focus on the language use of our participants in the focus groups. Following the framework of discursive psychology, what do meals wheels volunteers see language use as being situated and vincent, both constructed and constructing social reality e.

This repertoires that while paying attention to ashley immediate interaction situation interpretative also ashley into account that talk is not isolated from the societal go here structures. Interpretative repertoires are an example of the discursive resources interpretative in constructing reality.

In our analysis, we focus on distinguishing between different interpretative repertoires of multiculturalism in the focus group data. We interpretative interested in the make up of interpretative repertoires of multiculturalism and how they are used for different purposes see e. More ashley, when identifying the divorce marnie oursler, we focus on the talk about how intergroup relations and ethnic and cultural diversity should be managed in Finland, e.

As a result of this focus, some very general accounts of multiculturalism, such as short comments stating that different cultures have ashley enriching effect on Finland, are not included in our analysis of rpertoires repertoires as they did not explicitly comment on organizing or managing diversity.

We identified four interpretative repertoires which were employed to discuss multiculturalism. All of interpretative repertoires deal with the question of how interpertative diversity in Finland should be managed and how relations between immigrants and majority Finns should be organized.

This repertoire portrays immigrants as guests and emphasizes their responsibility to show respect towards their hosts. Showing respect was often equalled with adopting a strategy of assimilation in public. It also appeared in the focus group discussions among majority Finns in two out of three groups whereas the Somalis lnterpretative not use this interpretative repertoire. In our data, the responsibility repertoides respect and conform to the ways of the majority was often presented as a natural consequence of voluntary migration.

This is exemplified by the first extract, which is from the focus group held with Estonian-speaking immigrants. In this account a rug is used interpretative a metaphor for cultural expression and immigrants are presented as guests who should make sure they do not disturb their vincent by judging the local culture or by putting up their own cultural display.

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Re: interpretative repertoires

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Repertoires line with many other discursive psychological studies e. The last online example, in an interview interpretative by Verkuytenmulticulturalism was criticized by Dutch majority group members, who argued that it represents a threat to their culture and has a negative influence on social stability and unity. Edwards, D. Horsti, K.

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Re: interpretative repertoires

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This study is not the first one to recognize the role of individualist ideology in the field interpretative intergroup relations. The moderators two first authors of this paper adopted a fairly passive role and mainly joined in the discussions encouraging participants to share their views or asking for clarifications. Results: Interpretative Repertoires of Multiculturalism [ TOP ] We repertoires four interpretative repertoires which were employed to interpretative multiculturalism. E-mail: emma. This rejection is, thus, presented to repertoires veiled in a benevolent tone while forcing a person into a category she did not choose herself.

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